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Every day cats just like yours need blood transfusions. For many procedures a transfusion is a clinical necessity, without animal blood donors, veterinary surgeons could not undertake important and often
life-saving operations.

You can help, there’s always a need for donors like your own pet!

With advances in veterinary medicine, it is possible for vets to offer higher and higher standards of care for their patients. In human medicine, supplies of blood and blood products are available through the efforts of the National Blood Transfusion Service. Vets however must rely on their own resources. That's why the Animal Blood Register was created.

By becoming an animal blood donor, your cat can help vets help other pets through provision of life-saving blood transfusions.

The purpose of this web site, free to owners and vets, is to bring animal
blood donors to the attention of vets, so that lives can be saved.

To register your cat(s) simply click here.

Remember, cats can be heroes too!

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